Evaluation of ELT Textbooks in Iran Based on Cunningworth’s Model: Top Notch Series in Focus

Document Type : Research Paper


M.A. Graduate, Tehran-Zabansara Institute, Bandar-Abbas Branch, Iran


English Language Teaching (ELT) textbooks serve as the basis for language inputs that learners receive and language practices that occur in the classroom. The objective of this analysis is the evaluation of the Top-Notch Intermediate series based on a modified version of the Cunningworth’s (1995) checklist. The checklist consisted of 9 sections, including 79 items, which were distributed among EFL teachers. A total of 10 teachers were selected to participate in this study. The teachers had taught textbooks under analysis for at least one year and had taught English as a foreign language for at least seven years. Six of the teachers were females; one of them was male; two of them were Ph.D. students; one of them had an M.A. degree; and four of them were B.A. graduates. The data collected through the checklist was analyzed quantitatively by SPSS. The study's findings revealed that Top Notch held up reasonably well to a detailed and in-depth evaluation. The findings have illuminative implications for teachers, material developers, and institutional/academic administrators.