The Effect of Ideology on the Rendition of Political Texts in Iranian Persian Newspapers and Western English Newspapers

Document Type : Research Paper


Shahreza Branch, Islamic Azad University, Iran


This study aimed at finding about the extent to which ideological tendencies would influence the news writers’ strategies in providing the finished product. It also attempted to uncover the underlying ideological assumptions hidden in the source text and the target text. For this purpose, the controversial issue of Iran’s nuclear program was selected and the data was extracted from Tehran Declaration and the Iranian president’s speech together with their renditions in Western English newspapers. Then, the syntactic and semantic features of the original text were set against those of the English renditions based on Hodge and Kress’s framework (1996). The Chisquare test was used to determine whether there were any significant ideological differences. The results revealed significant differences in terms of ideological tendencies.